Thursday 13th June 2024

Recovery techniques

AnnectoIDMS(Debt Management System)

To ensure efficient implementation of tasks, Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd has adopted a computer system that allows updates or follow-up to be done on every account. This will enable clients to monitor the accounts.

Our computer system AnnectolDMS (Debt Management System) also allows us to work on hundreds of accounts without any inconvenience. This system is designed solely to increase productivity and effectiveness.

AnnectolDMS also consists of safety measures to ensure information confidentiality.

AnnectoIDMS Advantages

Monitor collector’s performance daily, monthly and yearly.

Manage collection

  • All accounts can be assessed even with the absence of the officer in charge. Big accounts with no collection
  • progress can be identified.
  • Monitor collection process
    Able to provide detailed information on activities, history, payment, purchase and interest on the accounts.
  • To provide internal memo for collectors with information like ‘task for today: ‘task for tomorrow’ and ‘incomplete task:
  • To generate automatic reports – Payment report, Status report, LOD and etc.
  • To provide on-line information (based on client’s request)
  • Mass SMSsending
  • Locking parameter for overdue accounts
  • LCDreal time call monitoring display

Built in Voice Logger

  • Used to evaluate collectors performance and training purposes
  • To manage complaints by cross referencing with recordings from voice logger