Thursday 25th July 2024


We comply with both the letter and the spirit of all relevant regulations as follows:

  • AMLA 2001 (Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act)
  • PDPA2010 (Personal Data Protection Act)
  • IFSA2013 (Islamic Financial Services Act)
  • FSA2013 (Financial Services Act)
  • AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling Pengurusan Kredit)
  • Malaysian Consumer Trade & Practice
  • Treating customers fairly

Data Protction & Security
Managing data

  • Information submited to Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd. is automatically encrypted through our server which resides in the building. This information remains encrypted on the database and is password protected unless accessed by authorized personnel. Expired information is purged through formal disposal procedures.
  • Backup tapes are encrypted and password protected.
  • Purging of expired account.


  • Security awareness program.
  • Criminal background checks
  • USB,CD-RM and other external data storing devices blocked.

Facility security

  • The Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd. data and operational facility is video recorded. Cameras are placed strategically in the premises.

Back-up contingency plan

  • In the instance of a disaster, Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd. maintains a hot site that will restore all systems within hours and operation can be continued from the site

Quality Assurance

To ensure consistent service delivery we have implemented the following procedures to provide quality services. These procedures include:

  • Regular training for staff of all levels
  • Regular emails and calls to track case progress
  • Initial risk assessment of each case
    Monthly report for clients review
  • In order to continue to measure and provide effective Quality Management Services, we have implemented the following procedures, in order to continuously improve our services and meet customer satisfaction. These processes include:
  • Managing complaint by cross referencing with recordings from voice logger
  • Monitoring call using built in voice logger
  • Regular reviews of internal management processes
  • Monthly reviews ofthe performance and cost effectiveness of staffs
  • Monitoring of SMSsent