Saturday 18th May 2024

Collection Method

Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd vast experience in the industry has generated a unique credit management technique. We take into consideration the company’s operation method and the cost factor. This is to reduce the cost borne by our clients.

Initial Measure
Accounts received by clients will be assessed on collectability and risk before distributed to the collectors.

Information Gathering and Preparation
Our trained recovery officers will determine whether the information included in the accounts received by clients are sufficient enough to begin the process of collection. If found insufficient, a visit and/or skip tracing will be conducted.

Collection calls and Negotiation
Calls are made by our professional recovery officers who are well versed in negotiation. They are trained to provide various options on re-payment plan ensuring successful debt collection. All procedures are documented for consistency and accuracy according to Quality principles and reviewed regularly for continuous improvement.

Skip Tracing
We will continue efforts to trace debtors even though it involves debtors who have not made payment for years or ‘skip’ their last known address/whereabouts. Skip tracing is performed by collecting as much information as possible about the subject through our various resources and also visitation. The information gathered is then analyzed and verified for further action.

If we are unable to locate a debtor through the contact numbers provided or the debtor is not responding to our calls, then we will arrange for a field visit. Our staff of professional field agents can assist the debt recovery process through visiting the debtor at their office/business premises or home and conducting interviews which will help to locate missing debtors.

Legal Assistance
Era Kutipan Sdn. Bhd. has panel of lawyers to assist clients on legal matters regarding their debts.